Nature, Sustainability

World Oceans Day

Fish and anemone celebrating World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day and I find it relevant to reflect on Creatureshire’s impact on the environment. This begs the question: what can I do to make my business more sustainable and lessen its footprint on our planet?

One of the nagging questions I ask myself is how to deal with polymer clay. It is the main material I use in my work and it is a plastic.

I think plastic is an remarkable material and that is one of the reasons why we use it so much. I also think that a plastic item can be treasured and cared for so it lasts a long time. And when it comes to the end of its existence we can dispose of it properly, preferably recycling it. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t reduce our use of plastic as much as we can, but I believe we can do it in a thoughtful way!

Coming back to my work, I try to reduce the waste I produce as much as possible. I am very savvy on how I use polymer clay by working on small series so that each piece is meaningful. I try to make the packaging as friendly as possible and I do most of my errands walking or by public transportation.

I also believe that when we buy something, we should do it consciously. Thinking about how it will be used, and if it is a gift, asking whether it will be meaningful to the person receiving it. When we have these considerations in mind, we tend to buy less, but in a more thoughtful way.

So what do you do to reduce your impact on the planet?