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Garden bugs

Bees, ladybugs and snail post earrings in a strawberry plant.

Spring is all over the place. Leaves are sprouting in their trees, flowers are blossoming and there’s a humming sound all around from busy insects. Spring is a time of bounty, of growing and blooming. Out of my window I see the leaves unfurl and everywhere there are pops of colour.

At Creatureshire colour is bursting to! I’ve been growing a strawberry plant out of paper to house these bees, ladybugs and snails’ adorable earrings. They look happy and lively in their new home and I do hope that they will bring you joy to!

They are now available back in the shop!

Insects, Portugal

Mediterranean countryside :: Campo mediterrânico

There is quietness in the landscape while the sun warms the soil. Seen from far it looks like an idle place, and yet, as we walk through life starts popping up at each step we take. There are dozens of butterflies in the bushes surrounding the country paths and bees collecting pollen from wild flowers.

This is where I grew up, a small village in Sintra, and as a kid I used to spend a lot of time outside, running around and picking wild berries. I miss the sunshine and the warmth of the land! Every time I go back I take a walk around the village to smell the hay and the flowers, to visit the farmed lands and the pine woods.

Há uma tranquilidade na paisagem enquanto o sol aquece a terra. Ao longe parece um lugar parado, e no entanto, à medida que vamos caminhando pelas veredas a vida aparece a cada passo que damos. Há imensas borboletas nos arbustos que rodeiam os caminhos e abelhas a colher pólen de flores silvestres.

Este é o local onde cresci, uma pequena aldeia em Sintra, e quando era miúda passava muito tempo na rua, a correr e a apanhar amoras. Sinto falta do sol e do calor da terra! Sempre que regresso aproveito para fazer uma caminhada à volta da aldeia para sentir o cheiro do feno e as flores, para ver as terras cultivadas e os pinhais.