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World Penguin Day

It’s World Penguin Day! By now you probably know that we have a knack for penguins around here! For good reasons: they are super cute and they live in some of the most inhospitable places on earth.

One of the issues that most affects Penguins is plastic pollution. They eat it and feed it to their chicks. We can help them by being my more thoughtful about what kind of plastics we buy, like single use plastics, but also polymer clay jewellery. Yes, I am talking about Creatureshire jewellery too! If you’re buying one of our pieces, make sure it will be appreciated and take good care of it so it lasts for a long time.


É o Dia Mundial do Pinguim! Por esta altura já deves saber que temos uma queda para os pinguins! Por boas razões: eles são super giros e vivem em alguns dos lugares mais inóspitos da Terra.

Uma das questões que mais afeta os Pinguins é a poluição de plástico. Comem-no e dão-no a comer aos seus filhos. Podemos ajudá-los sendo mais atentos quanto ao tipo de plástico que compramos, como os plásticos de uso único, mas também bijutaria em massa polimérica. Sim, também estou a falar de peças de Creatureshire! Se estás a pensar comprar uma das nossas peças, certifica-te de que será apreciada e cuida bem dela para que dure por muito tempo.


Penguins in stop motion and a few things I learned with them

I had been musing with idea of making a stop motion animation with Creatureshire’s jewellery since 2015. It took a long time… not actually to make it, but to get my hands on the job. Once I committed myself to do it, it was quite straightforward. I made a little storyboard, built a scenario and got a fabulous cast of penguins. I think it took me about two days to do the whole thing (story board, scenario, shooting and edition. And I did learn a few things:

  • Not letting fear stop you from trying new things;
  • Enjoying the process… It doesn’t have to be perfect first time. As with anything, it is a learning process, and I learnt a lot with the mistakes I made (like the still penguin waiting for the other penguins to join in);
  • Taking notes, thinking on what I can improve next time, and then repeat (more stop motion animations might come this way);
  • Having fun!

I do hope you enjoy this short film (with all its imperfections)! Share what you think in the comments bellow!

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Jewellery to bring you back to the seaside

Summer at the seaside

Come warmer days and I dream of the seaside. Of the seagulls flying over the ocean, of coastal wildlife, of bare feet walking over the warm sand. And when I bring these features into Creatureshire, I play with them to bring you a joyful experience of discovery and serenity.

None of these pieces of jewellery are entirely new. The lighthouses have been around for some time as well as the seals. They were both created while I lived in Scotland, just by the North Sea. The seals were inspired by a large colony of grey seals and common seals that lives in Fife.

Seals chilling out on the beach

The lighthouses came from the many lovely lighthouses that sit on Portuguese and Scottish shores. I have always seen them as guiding lights not just for ships, but also a place of safety for humans.

The seagulls were created earlier this year, and their design was inspired by the common seagull (larus canus). I took particular joy in their soft grey wings and their bright yellow beak.

On the rocks sharing ocean stories
On the rocks sharing ocean stories

Seals, lighthouses and seagulls are all available to buy at the shop.

What about you? What brings you joy by the seaside? Share it in the comments bellow!

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World Oceans Day

Fish and anemone celebrating World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day and I find it relevant to reflect on Creatureshire’s impact on the environment. This begs the question: what can I do to make my business more sustainable and lessen its footprint on our planet?

One of the nagging questions I ask myself is how to deal with polymer clay. It is the main material I use in my work and it is a plastic.

I think plastic is an remarkable material and that is one of the reasons why we use it so much. I also think that a plastic item can be treasured and cared for so it lasts a long time. And when it comes to the end of its existence we can dispose of it properly, preferably recycling it. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t reduce our use of plastic as much as we can, but I believe we can do it in a thoughtful way!

Coming back to my work, I try to reduce the waste I produce as much as possible. I am very savvy on how I use polymer clay by working on small series so that each piece is meaningful. I try to make the packaging as friendly as possible and I do most of my errands walking or by public transportation.

I also believe that when we buy something, we should do it consciously. Thinking about how it will be used, and if it is a gift, asking whether it will be meaningful to the person receiving it. When we have these considerations in mind, we tend to buy less, but in a more thoughtful way.

So what do you do to reduce your impact on the planet?

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The Montado collection

The montado collection revolves around a Portuguese landscape known by its vast expanses of open forests of cork oak and pine trees. In these areas you can find large areas of meadow but also wetlands.

The journey to this collection started when I learnt about the Iberian magpie. This was an unknown species to me although it is native to my country. It struck me because of its beautiful colours. However they are also smart, gregarious birds, living in large flocks of up to 70 individuals. They feed on acorns, berries and small invertebrates so I included acorns and mushrooms in the collection.

Iberian magpie, brooch and earrings

Robins also shine in this collection!

Robins, earrings

In the montado you can also find the Iberian Lynx and this was the biggest challenge for the collection. It is a stunning animal and they are a highly endangered species due to loss of habitat, poaching and diseases. They are a protected species not just in Portugal but also in Spain.

Iberian lynx, earrings and brooch

The montado collection also features wetlands’ creatures such as mallards, European tree frogs and dippers. 

Wetlands creatures. European tree frogs, brooch and earrings, dippers, earrings, and mallards, brooch and earrings

I wanted to celebrate my return to Portugal which species that are unique to this region and are also exceptionally beautiful. I hope that you enjoy this journey with me!

All the items from the collection are now available at the shop.

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Garden bugs

Bees, ladybugs and snail post earrings in a strawberry plant.

Spring is all over the place. Leaves are sprouting in their trees, flowers are blossoming and there’s a humming sound all around from busy insects. Spring is a time of bounty, of growing and blooming. Out of my window I see the leaves unfurl and everywhere there are pops of colour.

At Creatureshire colour is bursting to! I’ve been growing a strawberry plant out of paper to house these bees, ladybugs and snails’ adorable earrings. They look happy and lively in their new home and I do hope that they will bring you joy to!

They are now available back in the shop!

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World frog day

European tree frog on water lily.

Today is world frog day. There are almost 7000 species of frogs around the world, most of them living in tropical rain forests.

The European tree frog can be found across Europe in freshwater habitats. They are a nocturnal species that eats insects and other small creatures. They are quite small, weighing only 8.26 grams, and yet they can live up to 22 years. That’s pretty impressive! You can find more about frogs here.