Penguins in stop motion and a few things I learned with them

I had been musing with idea of making a stop motion animation with Creatureshire’s jewellery since 2015. It took a long time… not actually to make it, but to get my hands on the job. Once I committed myself to do it, it was quite straightforward. I made a little storyboard, built a scenario and got a fabulous cast of penguins. I think it took me about two days to do the whole thing (story board, scenario, shooting and edition. And I did learn a few things:

  • Not letting fear stop you from trying new things;
  • Enjoying the process… It doesn’t have to be perfect first time. As with anything, it is a learning process, and I learnt a lot with the mistakes I made (like the still penguin waiting for the other penguins to join in);
  • Taking notes, thinking on what I can improve next time, and then repeat (more stop motion animations might come this way);
  • Having fun!

I do hope you enjoy this short film (with all its imperfections)! Share what you think in the comments bellow!

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