Jewellery to bring you back to the seaside

Summer at the seaside

Come warmer days and I dream of the seaside. Of the seagulls flying over the ocean, of coastal wildlife, of bare feet walking over the warm sand. And when I bring these features into Creatureshire, I play with them to bring you a joyful experience of discovery and serenity.

None of these pieces of jewellery are entirely new. The lighthouses have been around for some time as well as the seals. They were both created while I lived in Scotland, just by the North Sea. The seals were inspired by a large colony of grey seals and common seals that lives in Fife.

Seals chilling out on the beach

The lighthouses came from the many lovely lighthouses that sit on Portuguese and Scottish shores. I have always seen them as guiding lights not just for ships, but also a place of safety for humans.

The seagulls were created earlier this year, and their design was inspired by the common seagull (larus canus). I took particular joy in their soft grey wings and their bright yellow beak.

On the rocks sharing ocean stories
On the rocks sharing ocean stories

Seals, lighthouses and seagulls are all available to buy at the shop.

What about you? What brings you joy by the seaside? Share it in the comments bellow!

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