The Montado collection

The montado collection revolves around a Portuguese landscape known by its vast expanses of open forests of cork oak and pine trees. In these areas you can find large areas of meadow but also wetlands.

The journey to this collection started when I learnt about the Iberian magpie. This was an unknown species to me although it is native to my country. It struck me because of its beautiful colours. However they are also smart, gregarious birds, living in large flocks of up to 70 individuals. They feed on acorns, berries and small invertebrates so I included acorns and mushrooms in the collection.

Iberian magpie, brooch and earrings

Robins also shine in this collection!

Robins, earrings

In the montado you can also find the Iberian Lynx and this was the biggest challenge for the collection. It is a stunning animal and they are a highly endangered species due to loss of habitat, poaching and diseases. They are a protected species not just in Portugal but also in Spain.

Iberian lynx, earrings and brooch

The montado collection also features wetlands’ creatures such as mallards, European tree frogs and dippers. 

Wetlands creatures. European tree frogs, brooch and earrings, dippers, earrings, and mallards, brooch and earrings

I wanted to celebrate my return to Portugal which species that are unique to this region and are also exceptionally beautiful. I hope that you enjoy this journey with me!

All the items from the collection are now available at the shop.

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