The Monster in the Loch :: O Monstro Cativo

A while ago I mentioned my favourite book as a kid, and the last time I went to Lisbon I couldn’t resist to capture some photos of its illustrations to show you. The watercolours from The Monster in the Loch are simply marvellous and I still feel the excitement of going through its pages from the beginning to the end. What was your favourite book as a children?

Há algum tempo atrás falei-vos do meu livro preferido quando era criança e da última vez que fui a Lisboa não resisti a tirar algumas fotografias das ilustrações para vos mostrar.  As aguarelas do Monstro Cativo são simplesmente bonitas e ainda sinto o entusiasmo de percorrer as páginas de uma ponta à outra. Qual era o vosso livro preferido quando eram miúdos?

The Monster in the Loch, translated into Portuguese

Frank playing the harp for his grandfather’s ghost

Frank MacDougall on his way to rescue the children eaten by the monster

The Children and the Monster on a Sunday afternoon

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